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Urban Local Bodies & Development Agencies

1. Project Advisory Cell

IPL works with ULBs/Development Authoritiesin helping them formulate their infrastructure development plans and handhold them till the implementation by offering to operate dedicated ‘Project Advisory Cell'. Typical activities performed by the team as part of the cell involves:

  • Identification & prioritisation of projects for implementation
  • Appraising projects and assessing credit worthiness of ULB's
  • Developing bankable projects and project structuring on PPP mode thereby garnering private investments
  • Formulation of Financial Strategy for implementing Infrastructure projects on its own
  • Appointment of technical consultants for preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR)
  • Assisting in Resource mobilisation and Capacity Building
2. Assessment of Life Cycle Cost of Assets

Our team of consultants assist the public authority in understanding, evaluating and building models for evaluating the asset's cost over the full lifecycle. This helps in evaluating the various alternative modes of developing an assets and in proper phasing the development of that assets. This ensures optimization of cost and maximization of the benefits from the project.

3. Assessment of Demand & Financial Feasibility

Establishing financial feasibility is a critical step in the infrastructure project planning process. Many a plans have been developed by implementing agencies but have never seen the light of the day or have been stalled midway during construction, for lack of funds. Conducting financial feasibility study enables implementing agencies in making their infrastructure plans into financially sustainable ones. Deep understanding of the infrastructure project financing domain enables the IPL team to advise their clients on bankability of projects by running a comprehensive project appraisal process, thereby facilitating in structuring a financially sustainable projects.

4. Assessment of Project's Viability for PPP

The success of a project to be developed on PPP basis depends upon how well the project is structured and defined. Our team of consultants assist the Public Authority in evaluating the project for its execution requirements, regulatory readiness, market adequacy, proper optimization & risk assessment, organizational capabilities, and attractiveness of project to raise adequate resources. This ensure that the project is ready for the next stage of development i.e. to bid out for execution by a Private Player.

5.Transaction Advisory & Bid Process Management

IPL team assists implementation agencies in running a transparent bidding process involving preparation of pitch books (PIM, RFQ/RFP documents), interacting with prospective investors to encourage participation and drafting contract documents in discussion with legal cell of the clients and legal experts.

6. Project Appraisal and Syndication

The implementation of the Smart City mission by Government of India is expected to see the incorporation of city level Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) which shall be responsible for planning, appraising, approving, releasing funds, implementation, manage, operate, monitor and evaluating the Smart Citydevelopment projects.

IPL shall extend its Fund Raising services to these newly formed SPV's, assisting them in appraising project proposals, structuring projects to make them bankable and help raise resources for the implementation.