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Fund Raising Services

1. Project Finance & Debt Syndication

IPL team has deep understanding of the debt syndication market and draws its experience of the infrastructure sector from its parent company and associate concerns. The debt syndication team comprises of experts with cumulative experience of over 100 years and have successfully advised in raising more than INR 1 Lakh crores amongst themselves.

The synergistic capabilities of the IIFCL group enable the IPL team to provide holistic perspective to requirements of its clients across industries such as Transportation, Energy, Water & Sanitation, and Communication.

The IPL team handholds clients through the entire process of accessing credit enhancement schemes by securing guarantee from ‘AAA' rated financial institutions. We adopt an end to end approach that begins with understanding the debt profile of the client and advise on the appropriate debt mix which would bring down the financing costs and provide support throughout the entire process of implementing the most optimum solution as per the client's needs.

IPL team due to its deeper insight of refinancing schemes of its parent company, IIFCL, is well placed to understand the needs of stakeholders in the infrastructure sectors and advise clients in accessing the flagship products of IIFCL such as the ‘Credit Enhancement Scheme' and ‘Take-Out Financing' which have revolutionized infrastructure financing sector in India.

2. Innovative Financing Solutions

IPL due to its deeper insight into the infrastructure financing sector, acts as Financial Advisor to assist project developers in accessing resources beyond traditional source by appraising, structuring and facilitating in resource mobilization through various products available in the market such as:

  • Credit Enhanced Bonds : ‘Credit Enhanced Bonds' are part of innovative financing solutions available to infrastructure developers in the market who seek to refinance existing high cost loans by replacing them with ‘Credit Enhanced Bonds'. The credit rating for qualified projects which have achieved ‘COD' is enhanced through Partial Credit Guarantee (PCG) from an external agency such as financial institution, Bank and/or Multi-Lateral Agency etc. Such bonds enjoy certain benefits like competitive pricing, longer tenure and better structuring as compared to traditional modes of funding. This also gives Developers an opportunity to free their credit lines from existing banking channels for seeking fresh funding for their future projects.
  • Takeout Financing : Takeout financing is an accepted international practice of releasing long-term funds for financing infrastructure projects. It enables infrastructure developers to access longer tenure funds by entering into a tripartite agreement with a bank who shall fund the project for the initial period say upto 5 years and a large financial institution which shall take over the debt from the banks post COD.
  • Mezzanine Financing : Mezzanine financing or subordinate debt bridges the gap between equity financing and traditional debt financing. Such instruments are structurally subordinate in priority of repayment in comparison to traditional debt which shall have first charge, at the same time they are inexpensive in comparison to equity finance.